The Long Way Home ...
3:24am Tuesday 26th Feb 2008

We are Sarah and Scott, Australians making our way home to Sydney the long way after living and working in Dublin for a year. Dublin is a great place to live, a vibrant culture that has been helped along by the recent Celtic Tiger economy. Contrary to common thought it is neither particulary wet nor cold, Dublin receives less rain than Sydney and is not as cold as Canberra. You can get a few days of darkness and drizzle, but on the whole, a very easy climate to adjust to. [Ed: July 9th - it has rained every day for the past 30 days.]

While we are in Europe (Oct-Nov 07) you can contact us on our mobiles Scott: +353 85 760 9596, Sarah: +353 85 784 6180.

On this website you can find photographs of people and places along with some commentary from our past adventures. Here we to try and share some photos with friends and family and to serve as a memory hole for ourselves in the future.

If there are any photos on this web site of yourself that you want removed, please let me know and I will do so.

You can search our photos to see if we have any of your goodself.

The Long Way Home: Jul - Dec 2007

On Friday 13th we fly to Helsinki then catch a train to St Petersburg to begin a journey across Russia on the Trans-Siberian railway to Beijing. Don't really know what to expect but will try and and keep the web site up to date.

The rest of the itineray follows:

  • Jul 13: Helsinki
  • Jul 14-16: St Petersburg
  • Jul 18-19: Moscow
  • Jul 20-21: Nizhny Novgorod
  • Jul 22-23: Yekaterinburg: Boris Yeltsins home town and the place where Gary Powers was shot down.
  • Jul 25-26: Krasnoyarsk: Russia's most comfortable city.
  • Jul 28-29: Irkutsk
  • Aug 1-5: Ulaan Baatar
  • Aug 4: Beijiing
  • Aug 10: Hong Kong - New York CX830
  • Aug 11 - 17: New York - Washington
  • Aug 17: Washington - Dallas AA1183
  • Aug 17 - 20: Dallas - Catch up with Melissa, Chris, Darby and Jonty Welberry.
  • Aug 21 - 23: Drive from Dallas to Salt Lake City.
  • Aug 23 - 27: Catch up with Mick, Alison and Finn McLennan and Anthony Chavez.
  • Aug 28 - 29: Drive to Los Angeles.
  • Aug 30 - Sep 3: Catch up with Mick and Catie Brewer.
  • Sep 3 - 4 : LA - Cancun AA276
  • Sep 4: Cancun - Havana
  • Sep 4 - 10: Cuba
  • Sep 11: Cancun - Lima AA917
  • Sep 11 - Oct 12: South America
  • Oct 12 - Oct 13: Lima - Madrid IB6652
  • Oct 13: Madrid - Malaga SPANAIR JK 6288N
  • Oct 13 - Oct 18: Catch up with Hugh and Patzi Fortune
  • Oct 19 - Malaga - Madrid VY7462
  • Oct 19 - 21 Madrid Spanish Class Excursion
  • Oct 21: Madrid - Athens IB3882
  • Oct 22: Athens - Kithera OA54Y
  • Oct 26: Kithera - Athens OA55Y
  • Oct 29: Athens - Milan 1615 EasyJet 4372
  • Nov 12: Rome - Cologne 1255 GermanWings 4U0887
  • Nov 12: Cologne - Cairo 2010 TUIFly HF6112
  • Dec 2: Cairo - London BA154
  • Dec 2: London - Sydney BA009. Arrive 4 Dec 0610
  • Dec 20: Johannesburg - Sydney QF064
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